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Some require an audition, some do not - see below.  If you pass an audition you may be able to opt-out of Core Program/Core Classes at the Music Director’s discretion.  If you want to take the ten classes, they are eligible for $125.


TEEN BANDS PROGRAM     Students and even non-MG friends can form new bands with pro band coaching.  Shows at all ages rock music venues  are staged quarterly or when the bands are ready. $40/month for Core Program students, $7.50/hour for each guest using a non-renewable 10-visit punch-card.  No audition.


ELITE BANDS PROGRAM    Audition-based bands that represent our best and serve as ambassadors to the community at public events.  Bands to be announced in November with auditions in January, February.  $200/mo or $50/month for members.


RECORDING ARTISTS PROGRAM    Uwanna? Records is an audition-based student ‘recording contract’’ from 6-10 months for bands, singers, songwriters and musicians who will write, rehearse, record and perform live, on radio and TV promoting the band by summer.  $250/mo or $75/mo for MG students.

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