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FESTIVAL BAND PROGRAM                                                                     
Weekly group sessions for our top Performance Program students who want to play area festival stages and serve as SLAM ambassadors to the community on-stage, radio and television.

Auditions are held April 15, 2023 and 60-minute weekly rehearsals start in May and run from May - September in addition to t
he performance program rehearsals on a separate day and time.


Tution is $75/month for 5 months.  For more info, call 801-577-2263!

Despite SLAM tuitions being priced at or below market rates, not everyone can afford musical instruments, instruction and programs. This is why SLAM offers 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% scholarships for SL County youth, ages 17 and under.  For scholarship details, please inquire by email at

QUESTIONS?  CALL US AT 801-577-2263!

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