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Performance, Songwriting & Recording



SLAM's rock, blues, and pop performance program or    "CREW" program groups youth by age and ability for up to 18 others called a "Crew".  "Crewmembers" participate in this twice-weekly program by taking individual lessons and attending weekly 2-hour rehearsals.  Each  Crew has 3 drummers, 3 bassists, 6 guitarists, 3 keyboard players, and 3 singers for a maximum total of 18 students per Crew. 



Crewmembers are rehearsed by SLAM's Crew Coaching Team who guide the rehearsals in three rehearsal studios in a 'band-by-the-song model.    A 1:6 staffing ratio keeps students engaged from the moment they walk through the door.

The Crew Program performs seven shows per year.  Show dates are on our calendar

In addition to learning how to play in a band, Crewmembers are empowered with the life lessons of self-reliance, time management, generosity, mutuality, and teamwork.

Crewmembers learn at their own pace with more experienced musicians 'pull-up' less experienced ones.  No one is held back from achieving.  Each student is challenged to overcome obstacles, gain confidence, and be inspired by students and staff while they perform quarterly showcases as they learn how to be good and reliable bandmates.

When a Crewmember is confident that they can play the song from start to finish and want to learn a new song, they ask to "pass off' on that song with our staff who let the Crewmember(s) know if they 'pass off' on that song correctly enough to earn a next song.


Once a Crew reaches 18 members, the crewmembers with the most seniority will be offered a leadership opportunity to seed a new Crew on another day and time.



  • Must be in lessons with any qualified teacher.

  • Must learn at least 3 new songs per month. 

TUITION: $200/month with a $200 deposit for the last month on a month-to-month basis with a 30-day notice of withdrawal. 

Offered on an income-based sliding free-to-fee scale.


The SLAM Festival Band program is a professional band training program for our performance program students. 

Six students will audition on Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 12-4 pm.   Weekly 90-minute rehearsals run from April - September.

The festival season starts in May.   Performances are 'crowd-pleasing' festival sets that range from 25-60 minutes in length and will include classic rock, pop, soul, funk, reggae, blues, and jazz. 


90-minute rehearsal start in April. Festival Band is an add-on to the Performance Program.

TUITION: $75/month for April-September


SONGWRITING PROGRAM - Offered at the start of the summer, this hands-on 25-hour, 5-day intensive program is designed to help emerging songwriters find their creative voice.  9 am-2 pm, Monday-Friday.  Date, time, mentors and tuition TBA.


RECORDING PROGRAM - Offered at the middle of the summer, this hands-on 25-hour, 5-day intensive program ties in with the songwriting program above nicely!  Designed to help emerging songwriters actualize find their creative voice9 am-2 pm, Monday-Friday.  Date, time, mentors and tuition TBA.  Listen to  previous recording projects at .

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