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make music again

We want you to play, sing, pray, chant and simply be together is same audio space, at the same time.  Sound cool?  It is.

                                              The Jack Trip Virtual Studio is here.

what you need

  • Jack Trip™ Virtual Studio Bundle - $200

  • Smartphone, tablet or computer

  • Ethernet cable to 2Mbps-up/down Minimum Internet Connection

  • A friend with a Jack Trip™ Virtual Studio within 600 miles of you

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  1. Connect the power supply to an outlet

  2. Connect Ethernet cable on your router

  3. Open


JackTrip Virtual Studio devices are available at an affordable price of $149.99 (about $200 including recommended accessories as shown).


JackTrip managed cloud audio servers are available free through the end of January 2021. Beginning February 1, 2021, we will charge using metered, monthly subscription plans that enable you to pay only for the on-demand resources that you actually need to use.

As non-profit organizations, our goal is the wide availability of this service so that musicians, choirs, music students, prayer groups, bands and  can easily collaborate over the Internet, especially during this pandemic.