Steve Auerbach did synthesizer work    and mentoring  for world-renowned recording artists and producers in Los Angeles before coming to Utah where he has been an award-winning film composer, producer and music education administrator.   

| Synthesizer Instruction


Terence Hansen is a musical force of nature.  Loved by audiences in the USA and Europe Terence taps on two guitar necks  simultaneously while singing. Terence has been teachign guitar since he  was in high school  and gets amazing results.

| Rock Music Director


June Crosby trained and teaches both  Suzuki and Mark O’Connor methods.  June performs and teaches Classical, Bluegrass, Old Timey, Irish, Cowboy, Swing, and Scandinavian music. June loves teaching!

| Classical & Americana Music Director


Kim Nolan received her Masters is Music  from the Manhattan School of Music  after completing her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance. Kim has taught classes and lessons in rock, pop, blues, jazz,    recording studio, jazz ensemble and vocal performance. 

| Vocal &    Piano Instructor: Rock, Pop  & Classical


Joe Chisholm received his bachelor's degree in Trombone Performance from the University of Utah in 2003 and holds a master's degree in Jazz Studies. Joe works professionally in the greater Salt Lake area as a performer and educator.

| Trombone   Instructor & Jazz Director


Julian Moon's is a singer-songwriter, recording artist and producer who's 2015 Warner Brother's release, Good Girl and her 2018 independent release, Pomegranate Seeds  are  both     favorites on our playlists.  

| Songwriting Instructor


Chris holds a Bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music in Electronic Production and Design. Chris teaches music production, electronic music, SAbleton Live, synthesis, sound design, and music technology. 

| Drum, Percussion and Electronic Music Instructor 


Erica studied jazz guitar at Westminster College and has    a passion for classic Blues Rock and traditional Blues music. Erica's goal is to see her students  to reach their potential on-stage and in-life.     

| Guitar Instructor: Rock & Blues


Aidan Woodward is an active jazz, bluegrass, rock, pop and funk bassist who received his degree from the jazz program at Snow College.

| Bass Instructor: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Bluegrass


Emma studied rock music with Terence Hansen and Steve Auerbach when she was a student in the MusicGarage program.  Emma has performed at scores of area venues and festivals.  Emma passion and skills for rock guitar inspires her students. 

| Guitar   Instructor and Performance Coach


Sam did his undergraduate degree in Guitar Performance at Utah State University  and went on to receive  a    Masters Degree in    Recording from Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science,  Sam taught with Steve and Terence at  School of Rock and  currently performs with the band, Toast - the official    Bread tribute band.

| Guitar Instructor:  Rock, Pop & Classical


Patrick's musical influences started in New Orleans and his skills grew with experience in live performances.  Improvisation with synthesizers and Fender Rhodes piano.  Patrick  has mentored students in the Utah wilderness. Patrick's  uniquely focused teaching style caters to each individual student, encouraging creativity and goal setting!

Piano Instructor: Rock, Pop, Blues & Jazz


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