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Co-Founder & Executive Director
Creator of inclusive, equitable, high-quality, wellness-focused music education, performance, and production programs for youth.   Musician, sound designer/synthesist, producer, bandleader, composer, and arranger.



Spare Change - 2020

MAIN STREET MARIGOLD is a recording project that formed during the 2020 Pandemic to write and record this 4-song album during two one-week summer camps in June, 2020. Each song theme was brought by each  member and developed as a team. 

Miles Buchmann - Drums,  Piano
Tallulah Schweitz - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Jimi Nez - Guitar
Connor Bliss - Guitar, Vocals

Steve Auerbach, Co-Producer
Terence Hansen, Co-Producer, Engineer


TV Pilot Demo Tracks - 2020

All tracks written by Rocco Fonzarelli, Arranged, programmed and performed by Steve with Rocco on guitar, vocals and the 'boyzz' on backing vocals.  

Engineered by Steve Auerbach and Produced by Auerbach & Fonzarelli


Daydream - 2020


JAXON BROWN'S debut recording,   DAYDREAM was recorded during the Covid19 pandemic at SLAM's Sugar House studios  June-August, 2020.   Written and recorded by the 19-year-old former student, Jaxon plays almost all of the instruments other than drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, and saxophone on a few tracks.  Other than the songs themselves, one of the most impressive things about the album is that Jaxon showed up with a well-rehearsed group of friends who all knew their parts and executed them under Jaxon's direction efficiently and professionally. 

Steve Auerbach,  Engineer/Co-Producer


Odola - 2020

Odola is an Ethiopian refugee who wrote this song and sang it in Amharic (or maybe Swahili).  It is about falling in love on social media.

Steve Auerbach, Producer & Engineer


Elefante - 2019

We're All Ghost - Cavedoll ELEFANTE 2019
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2019 - Cavedoll's  21st album ELEFANTE    is Camden Chamberlain's four  years in the making masterpiece. 

One my favorite producers and a genius of both production and songcraft.  This album is an art rock album (to me) that I hope that you enjoy!

Steve Auerbach, Clavinet & Synths

Whether or Not - Terence Hansen
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Terence is a renowned genius of the guitar; playing two guitar necks at ones while singing.  

Steve Auerbach, Piano & Organ


I fell in love with music quite young - all of my family were musicians.  There were lots of family concerts - all classical music.  By age 10 or so, sitting in the orchestra pit of the Broadway Theater in NYC where my grandfather was Concertmaster.  Hearing all of those instruments up-close left me in awe of my grandfather...and music, itself.

My grandfather on my mom's side, Charlie Fleischman carried his weight his whole life on crutches due to polio.  He was revered and loved by many, and was my hero; raised in tenement housing in The Bronx, he was awarded a scholarship to the Julliard School of Music with my grandmother, with whom he played the White House and many other luminary venue several times. 

Grandpa Charie was at the Broadway Theater for 20 years (where he literally was 'The Fiddler on the Roof" and moved to California to become concertmaster for the CBS Orchestra playing scores for TV shows like Kojak.

I started on clarinet at age 9 or so in elementary school and continued in high school band and jazz ensemble.  By age 12, I tried guitar but I didn't do very well with it.  At age 15 I heard Chick Corea, Rick Wakeman, and Joe Zawinul so I talked to my high school jazz director, Bill Ellington who allowed me to try and gave me a practice room key on the condition that I meet him after school for jazz piano lessons.  

My music friends met me in that tiny piano practice room after school to jam until the janitor kicked us out!  We had kids piled up in there with amps and drums and horns and stuff - it was crazy fun. 

20200405_143240 (1).jpg

Charles Fleischman, age 21 promotional photo


Old Tarrytown Road School Band Director, Mr. Gerard and me after a band concert, age 12. 


Choir class with Gospel recording artist, composer-turned teacher, Evelyn LaRue Pittman was like being in church.  Walking down the halls when the GOOD singers were singing would stop me in my tracks to listen in awe.

Bill Ellington Silhouette WHS Jazz Ensemble 1976.jpeg

The coolest cat we knew.  Mr. Bill Ellington, 1976 with the Woodlands High School Jazz Ensemble.  Mr. Ellington is the only person who I knew personally who recorded with the late, great Eric Dolphy as the Latin Jazz Quartet.

Growing up in the 1970s in New York, thanks to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, NY schools were by then, integrated.  So I was bussed to the black neighborhood for school and vice-versa.  Our high school was maybe 50% black, 5% Japanese, 15% Jewish, 15% Italian, 5% Latino, and 10% other Caucasian (French, English, Scottish, German, etc.).

The integration provided me with black music partners who shared albums and tapes of Parliament-Funkadelic and Al Green I shared the same from Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin.  In my high school years, Bill Ellington managed to inspire music careers for me and others, among them, the A&M Records R&B hit-machine Atlantic Starr, and Mark Plati, our High School Jazz Ensemble bassist went on to become David Bowie's music director and co-producer, and many more.  

Mr. Ellington was also my mentor for my senior project; writing, arranging, copying, rehearsing, and performing two pieces for a 20+ piece big band that I talked my friends into doing!

I played jazz, rock, and funk keyboards and blues harmonica throughout my teens.  Back then, you only had to be 18 to get into a nightclub.  So between 17 and 19, I had been gigging and recording with a couple of bands in New York.  I didn't like the scene and moved to Los Angeles.

In LA, my first friend was Peter Wesley,  a DJ at The Brave Dog and Lhasa Club - two seminal LA punk/new wave clubs.  He invited me to a house party the night the Talking Heads album, 
Remain in Light was released.  It was totally different music from any we had heard before; Talking Heads meets Afrobeat.  It was groundbreaking. There were a bunch of kids about my age at the listening party - we were all dancing like maniacs to this new music.  Four of the kids also played music, so we got together and jammed on some funk in a Chilean kid, Alain's mom's garage.   We tried to make a funk band, but Alain Johannes got a contract with MCA that year with his band, What is This? (later Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, PJ Harvey, Chris Cornell, Arctic Monkeys, and more) and the other kids; Hillel on guitar,  Mike (Flea) on Flugelhorn, and Jack on drums went on to become the Red Hot Chili Peppers soon thereafter.

I landed a job at Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks selling synthesizers, which were all the rage at the time, and scores of famous artists and producers came down from Laurel Canyon, Coldwater Canyon, Encino Hills, and so on - all wanting the latest sounds on their records.

I met most of my clients at Guitar Center and made my career as a synthesizer mentor and consultant to rock and pop stars and producers.  I was a recording session keyboard player, synthesist, sound designer, and pre-production consultant for all kinds of artists and producers.  I finished up in LA as Staff Writer and Arranger at Avatar Records in Malibu working for blue-eyed soul Detroit producer, Harry Balk, who, while working for Motown Record, convinced Berry Gordy to release Marvin Gaye's seminal hit, What's Going On?.
I moved to Utah in the mid-1980s and soon matriculated to the the University of Utah where I was Teaching Assistant at for the Composer-in-Residence, Dr. Vladimir Ussachevsky.  Dr. U. was an electronic music pioneer who co-founded the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Laboratory.  Dr. U. composed with a razor blade, stopwatch, and a reel-to-reel tape deck!  During my time at the U of U, I launched a film scoring program with the film department after I scored a soundtrack for an experimental film that won an award at a NY film festival.


I got back into performing music in SLC's 1990s music scene with bands like The Committed, Blue Healer, Dick & Jane, Control, Saltifunk, H. Street, Chunga's Revenge, Ike Willis & Chunga's Revenge, and more.  The bands attracted agency representation, but when our agent moved out of the country, I took over his Planet Agency and grew it to an international scale by adding members of Frank Zappa, Jane's Addiction, George Clinton's P-Funk All-Stars, Rat Dog, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, The Minutemen and Wilco to the roster.

In 2003, I booked Ike Willis (Frank Zappa) for an all Zappa music festival in Germany where Willis was part of the documentary film, 
Rock School about the founder of School of Rock, Paul Green.  Green had brought his students from Philadelphia and Willis was impressed.  Green got my phone number from Willis to talk about growing his business and after two years of courtship, Green hired me to begin the national expansion of what became School of Rock.  I developed and supervised five western USA branches for those nice people until the company was sold.

In 2009 I started  and ran that organization for ten years until the need for student financial aid became too much for me alone, so I started the nonprofit SLAM; Salt Lake Academy of Music.   Thousands of youth have enrolled in these programs over the last 18 years.  Average enrollment is at least 3.5 years, with kids performing on over 300 venue and festival stages, writing and recording original music, and making memories for a lifetime.

The inscription of Salt Lake City Weekly Newspaper's 2014 Best of Utah award says it all:

Junior high can be some of the most difficult years in a young person’s life, and finding your passion and someone who believes in you can make all the difference. For many local young folks, MusicGarage.Org founder Steve Auerbach is that person. The music-education programs and private instruction available through MusicGarage.Org are often a kid’s bridge from feeling like an outcast to working toward a common goal with like-minded musicians. The kids are challenged through group sessions, as well as playing at local shows and festivals. When they graduate, they do so equipped with the tools to make a career out of playing music—or at least to do what they love for life.

My work is a privilege.  I sure do look forward to doing more in the future!


Business background on me at


Emanon - 2016

EMANON is an original female-fronted prog metal band that formed at and with   MusicGarage.Org in 2015.

Terence Hansen, Co-Producer
Dylan 'Osito' Proesch, Co-Producer


Hallovved - 2016

HALLOVVED are an original rock band that formed and recorded at MusicGarage.Org and have performed at festivals and venues statewide!  Click the photo for more infomation. 

Terence Hansen, Producer


Some of My Ghosts - 2015

Terence is a renowned genius of the guitar; playing two guitar necks at ones while singing.  What I Don't Have    features Bon Jovi bassist Hugh McDonald.

Steve Auerbach, Piano & Organ

some of my ghosts cover.jpg
What I don't Have - Terence Hansen
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Come Out and    Play - 2015

INSIDE JOB (ages 10-17) are students in the MusicGarage.Org after-school rock band program in Salt Lake City, Utah. Inside Job perform at festivals, special events and other venues in and around Salt Lake City. 


Gateways - 2015

Forget Everything  from the GATEWAYS album is  self-produced by  former students.  Ryan DeBlanc, Producer



When Creative Director, Chip Haskell asked for "An anti-tobacco, superhero action-figure theme song that is not a parody..."  I came up with this.  I produced the music and sang this 2008 Truth About Tobacco Campaign's TV spots for Crowell Advertising.

Steve Auerbach, Producer and Vocals


Didn't Have Electric Light - Kenvin Lyman
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The Utah Kid 2K - 2008


I loved working with this artist.  We met in his 72nd year and demoed up tracks at my studio for his bandmates from the 1960s to learn and come to SLC for a reunion show and album.  Kenvin Lyman, the Utah Kid was a genius; the renaissance man who painted in light.  Google him! This track is a scratch demo of the arrangement I came up with for this song about the home he grew up in Morgan, Utah. 

Steve Auerbach - All instruments.



ATF: Auerbach, Thomas & Flanders - 2008

Don't Take Me Alive - Steely Dan (cover) by ATF
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Woodstock - Joni Mitchell cover by ATF
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Auerbach, Thomas & Flanders is a trio where I play left hand bass with the drummer, Shawn Thomas with John Flanders on woodwinds.  This is just a rehearsal recoding, but all I have of this.  Some clams, but fun!

Steve Auerbach, Keybaords & Vocals


Selected Works - 2002

selected works.jpeg
The Hollow Earth - Ike Willis: Selected Works
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The Doctor is IN - Ike Willis: Selected Works
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I co-produced this compilation for Frank Zappa Singer & Guitarist, Ike Willis with Ike and Grammy Award-winning producer, Douglas Spotted Eagle in 2002


Irving Plaza 1.31.01
UNCLE REMUS - (F. Zappa) Live: Irving Plaza, NYC
Inca Roads - (F. Zappa) Live: Irving Plaza, NYC
Project Object Halloween 2001.jpg

I represented, managed, and produced former Frank Zappa singer-guitarist, Ike Willis from  1999-2003.    

On Halloween Night 2001, I was invited to perform as a 'special guest' performer at this benefit a few blocks from Ground Zero only 50  days after the 911 attack on New York City. 

As a New York teen, my friends and I    used to go see/hear Frank Zappa every Halloween just a few blocks away from Irving Plaza, and on this night,  I got to perform his music with the guys on the record for my teen (now adult)  friends...and their (now adult)    kids! 

In the top link, I play piano and sing backing vocals on Uncle Remus and in the bottom link, I play the synthesizer solo on Inca Roads. 

Both are in tribute to the late George Duke.







Cosmik Debris (F. Zappa) - Ike Willis & Chunga's Revenge
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I'm The Slime - Frank Zappa cover by Ike Willis & Chunga's Revenge
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Dirty Love - FrankZappa cover by Ike Willis & Chunga's Revenge
00:00 / 00:00

I got to create, develop, produce and play     in  this Frank Zappa tribute band with Ike Wills (on 25 or more Frank Zappa albums from 1980-1993). 

Great musicians, fun music, and killer shows like this one at The Fox Theater in Boulder, CO,  2000.

Some experiments and musical sketches.



While a student at the University of Utah, I composed and produced this soundtrack to an experimental film, "Malignant" by Mel Halbach about the deterioration of industrialized man that won an award at a New York Film Festival.



While a student at the University of Utah, I was privileged to serve as Teaching Assistant and Manager of the Electronic Music Laboratory for two years under Dr. Vladimir Ussachevsky, one of the grandfathers of electronic music pictured in the center of the photo taken at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Laboratory in Harlem, NY, which he co-founded.  This piece, "Fishing with Peter" (Auerbach, 1987) is dedicated to Dr. U. and is about baptism, redemption, salvation and hope.  All composed with tape loops, Steiner Modular Synthesizer, Yamaha TX16 and some 1960s, 70's and 80's vintage outboard gear we had at the Lab (studio) to Otari 8-Track.

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